Mixing / Production

Website will be updated soon!

Hi, I'm Ben, and I enjoy makin' records.

Some examples of recent work to be posted on the updated site.

Services - Mixing, Production, Recording.

Contact me here.


Can vary depending on the project. Get in touch for a quote on your project. 

(Links to files or streams are fine, but do not send attachments).

Mixes - Generally $400 AUD per song

Fixing - Generally $150 AUD per hour

Mixing and Fixing

On mix day, we want to be doing "more mixin' than fixin'". 

We want to spend that time making your song 'sound like a record'.

So, if there are issues in need of fixing (noise / timing / tuning) it's best to have that sorted before mix day. 

(Minor issues are ok to fix on the day though)